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Monday, March 7, 2016

Modern Realistic Environmentalism

Finally I completed my book called -

Modern Realistic Environmentalism

This is a simple book that explains what is true environmentalism and if i could make at least a youth follow environmentalism - that will be my success.

This is also my experience as an Environmentalist. What have we done and are facing as humans:

 Air - we have polluted the air - people already have started wearing masks when going out - In future we may buy oxygen to breath.

Water - We have contaminated water and water bodies, Oceans and coastal areas are becoming highly polluted areas, water is even contaminated with non treatable pharmaceutical products and other chemicals

Food - Tainted with pesticides, insecticides, hormones and chemicals.

We carry radiation with us (I mean cell phone(s).

 We are seeing Dreadful Diseases at an younger age by just Inhaling Air, Drinking Water and Consuming Food (The basic necessities to lead a life). Environmentalism: As we move towards a more scientific oriented planet, we tend to destroy the environment. Billions of people inhibit this world and are using more and more scientific inventions. Laptops, desktops, tablets and cell phones are some of the few electronic goods that we cannot live without. Manufacturers want to introduce newer products every year and older products never get one hundred percent recycled. If a billion people buy a new electronic good replacing their older one, one billion units of electronic waste is produced. Where do all these wastes end up? So many harmful chemicals are also present in those goods and they enter into various environments and eventually enter into human systems. We hear so many young people suffer from dreadful disease such as cancer and die at a young age. If we have not invented all these goods or used those conservatively, those people might have escaped from those dreadful cancer diseases and lived a healthy life. What is the root cause of all these problems? Greediness. I can write several pages on greediness and its effects on the environment. As a reader you may have a question that we need to grow scientifically and we need all this improvement for human kind. I agree with the reader on that, but here is where sustainability comes in. Sustainability is a vast topic and if one needs a simple example in a sentence, then the following sentence is one such example - Consumers should use one cell phone instead of two phones. Environmentalism should come to people as a habit and sustainability should be practiced by everyone. Each and every person needs to take actions to practice environmentalism and this book can guide you on this. The foreword was written by Dr. A.A. Mohammed Hatha , my friend, professor, School of Marine Biology, Cochin University of Science and Technology  a Fullbright Scholar and who has lead Indian Scientists to Arctic Research.

A small part of his foreword:
In a nutshell, the book ‘Modern Reality Environmentalism’ is a reflection of Dr. Makesh’s commitment to nature, as he wisely understood that it is in everybody’s interest that we keep nature as undisturbed as possible. The text is simple and interlaced with good quality photographs which make the reading a pleasant experience. It is also oriented in a very practical manner so that the readers should further progress onto action so that the objective of environmental protection could be achieved in an effective manner. I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Makesh to come out with this wonderful contribution and sure that it is going to make the world a better place to live.

I hope every one reads this free pdf ebook, especially the youth and children. Again my goal is to make at least one of them to follow environmentalism and protect our Mother Earth.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
A Passionate Environmental Scientist