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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Education, Graduation, Future, Contribute

Last week I attended a graduation ceremony in one of the big University (UCF). It was lovely atmosphere. Diversified youngsters who worked hard for their degrees lined up in their graduating gowns, caps with tassels and hoods. It was wonderful and powerful atmosphere with their parents, friends and families cheering them. 
Education is not easy, especially getting one from traditional universities. Price is high, hard work needs to be put in, to reap the benefits. It was the time for these young students to start reaping the benefits of their education. They had their master's and  bachelor's degrees and could see the ultimate happiness when they had their degree. I wish them all the best success in real World.
Graduation Ceremony

I remember the time, when I graduated 20 years back. It was a PhD in Environmental Sciences.  
With my Ph.D guide Dr. Gupta

I was trying to get into teaching research career and want to guide as many students I could and publish as many research papers as I can. However the life takes you (similar to a river - changing directions) to a path as it wishes. So be ready for whatever path you get into and do the best as you can.

It is great to see graduates doing wonderful things such as this:

Lots of people in the World, even though they want, do not have the opportunities as we all did - graduating from an United States University. I have traveled and visited universities in many parts of the World. They do not have have the facilities, area, equipment and atmosphere for the education as we did. Think about your global counterparts (your age) who are in war torn areas, poor and cannot afford to study. This education has given more to you than to them, opened welcoming door to achieve more than those people. So when you fly high, please contribute to the World - it can be even simple thing such as sharing your knowledge (even through internet). It can be a guide to everyone who wants to follow and become like you. When I did not get the opportunity I wanted, I had the aspiration to co find a company called 
EnviroApps - An Environmental & Information Technology Company

That led to EAPHARMICS - Electronic Pharmaceutical Applications - Stability Testing Software

and EA Farms - Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development. 


I think and feel better that I did some justice to my education and contributed what I feel is appropriate. 

I have also trained, guided lots of people who have succeeded in their life and I will continue to do that. I wish and hope that these youngsters who graduated will grow into leaders and take the World into a wonderful path, moving forward. Wherever you are, strive hard to get education and guide others to get that knowledge. All other things may give temporary joy, but in long run it will not be good. So let us be positive, contribute with our education, knowledge we acquired through the education and show the World the right path for a better place to live. 
Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D