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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Outdoor Indoor Environmental Mishaps, Positive future planning

Outdoor Indoor Environmental Mishaps indicating further Disasters - needs immediate positive actions

   Was sad hearing and reading these news:
       1) Outdoor Environmental Issue - 20 People killed during deforestation activities - in India
       2) Indoor Environmental Issue - 8 family members killed by Carbon monoxide poisoning - in US.

It is an Environmental problem, social problem and you can categorize it any way, however the deaths are the one that causes severe pain in minds.
Outdoor - One main reason for deforestation killing is Greed. Red sanders is a tree which is an economic commodity for tree smugglers because of its value in other countries.
So they greedily hired bunch of poor tree cutters to cut those trees illegitimately. While cutting the police killed those 20 poor people.

Deforestation of this Red Sanders led to killing of 20 poor wood cutters 
due to the greed of tree smugglers

It is the greed of the main tree smugglers that caused the death of these poor people. It is that greed which needs to be eradicated. If not, in future there will be more wars for water, trees, food and may be even for clean air.

Indoor - This hardworking man with seven children could not pay for the utility in Maryland, US. Utility company cutoff the power for whatever reason. This year, Mother Nature (esp. Old man winter) was harsh on the Northern States. So to bear the cold, he used a gas engine generator for heating purpose. I think it wasn't in a properly ventilated area.
The dangerous carbon monoxide (odorless and colorless) reacted with all the people's hemoglobin to produce carboxyhemoglobin and caused slow death while sleeping by hindering oxygen delivery to the body.

Carbon monoxide - indoor air pollutant killed Eight people from the same family
- an avoidable tragedy

Something is wrong with the system. There should be some kind of options for such families to pay off their utility bills. Especially in extreme conditions, they should be helped. Power costs are surging exponentially. Before the plug is pulled, they need to work with the family and research what is the size of family, what is the income of the family and device a plan. The gas generator companies can even sell and include a carbon monoxide detector along with the generator.

In both the Outdoor and Indoor issues, economy played a part in the avoidable deaths. Lessons need to be learned from this and we should be prepared with rightful plans in the future.

Recently my daughter won a poster presentation prize on a topic - Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under Law - Orange County Bar Association - Poster Presentation Competition. I had been there during the luncheon and it also had a speech competition.
Magna Carta - Freedom Under Law - Poster

Couple of kids gave wonderful speech on freedom. Hearing those speeches gave goose bumps and felt that the future will be safe in their hands. Freedom gives you a lot of things including rational thinking which leads to proper planning for the future generations. Let us thank God, our ancestors for our freedom and plan for future generations, so these types of mishaps never happen and move forward positively.

Earth day went by nicely on April 22nd - Seeing this cardinal feeding in our backyard gave an excellent satisfaction on Earth Day. We are also moving forward in  EA FARMS projects.

Praying for positives, prosperity and peace all over the globe on the Earth Day - 

April 22nd, 2015.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good Luck, Peace, Positives, Move Forward

What is greed?
What is war?
What is killing?
What is racism?
What is caste?
- All humans don't know what these questions are and what these words mean.
People are living in harmony, People are into growing good food, benefit each other and are upbringing the entire Earth community - these questions and above sentences sounds like 

April fool messages.

But inside every human there would be a desire to live like this - peacefully, without war, without killing each other and treating everyone as same and in friendly manner. Whatever you do in young age is going to come back when you are old. Wisdom catches up on - when one becomes old. Negative deeds that were once thought as heroic acts would be stupid when looked back after growing old and wise.
You become close to God when you are old. Then the truth becomes clearer.

It is been a while, I posted. My computer got corrupted by Key holder virus and was asked for a ransom, however as an IT-savvy person and one who does not budge to threats, I did not oblige. I have saved most important files in cloud, couple of external drives and important photos in social media sites. So I could retrieve all the important files. Make sure to back up your important files and make them read only. If you are tech savvy you could retrieve the files also. If you cannot retrieve a picture - one more thing to note - these low levels can encrypt a picture from you computer but cannot erase the memory from you - so do not cave in.

Let us eradicate greed, war, racism, caste, negativeness and live harmoniously. 

Even though the negatives affect us, let us take the positives and move forward. It starts and must be planned from every individual and together we can make it.
During this period, I could train two more people in databases and IT. They are into getting better opportunities.
Got solar panels for EA Farms

Completed some good projects.
If you do good and positives, you can experience sea of surprises (only Good ones).

Good Luck and Peace to everyone.