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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Important Occupational Safety

It is becoming norm and every year number of victims are increasing -
One fire accident in a fire cracker unit has killed several poor working people.
Why dont people learn from previous mistakes. What is the necessity of greed in making crores of ruppees playing with life of poor people.
Safety Measures in this type fire cracker industries is Zero.  (I think when bought in bulk, gloves, masks would have been cheap and the owners could easily afford that).
Pollution Control Board - Environmental Inspectors, Occupational Health Inspectors and other authorities should inspect these places frequently.
I think above mentioned personnel are well educated and should do their part instead of getting bribe and keeping quiet if these industries violate the rules.
Innocent poor workers are lost. It is sickening to see the families suffer because of some ignorant and greedy people.
India had great leaders who had great visions. Our Mahamata Gandhiji's vision was followed by many people such as great Martin Luther King, all over the world.
Even great scientist such as Albert Einstein has praised him for his contribution.
Not only politicians and scientists followed and praised him, even the great comedian Charlie Chaplin have met him because of who Gandhiji's was and his vision.
See the speech of Charlie Chaplin in 1940 (Please listen and what a vision he had):
I should like to help everyone.
We all want to help one another.
Human beings are like that.
We want to live by each other's happiness, not misery.
We don't want to hate one another.

The GOOD EARTH is RICH and can provide for everyone.
Greed has poisoned souls. We need humanity..
More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness..

Eradicate the greed. Rich Industry Owners - please provide occupational safety to your workers. Your profit may be less, but the life is more valuable than your profit.
Instead of losing people, your profit and causing havoc, please, please provide safety measures.
Also the regulatory authorities - Bribe money is not that important - Poor working People's life is more important than you getting bribe money and consuming alcohol.
It should start from the schools. I have seen in chemistry labs, we don't follow any safety measures. It should be taught from the school.
Schools should be well equipped.
Now a days, we have a severe shortage of great leaders.
People - you know to whom I am talking to - You have stole enough money for your several future generations to live like a king.
Stop the corruption and do something for the poor people - give them proper education which will eradicate the poverty.

Government and educated government officials - Device rules and regulations such as OSHA and follow them strictly.
So that this type of accidents do not happen in the future. Now all we can pray for innocent poor people who have lost lives in this ignorant accident.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to change negatives by being sustainable

தமிழன் என்று சொன்னால் தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா என்ற காலம் போய்
இப்படி செய்து கொண்டே போனால்:

மலையை, மண்ணை  சுரண்டி எடுத்தாலும் ... Mountain Mining
மரத்தை அறுத்து போட்டாலும்...Deforestation Cutting Trees
பல மணி நேரம் மின் வெட்டு செய்தாலும்...
தண்ணீரே கிடைக்காமல் போனாலும்...
இயற்கை வளத்தை அழித்தாலும்...Titanium Mining
விவசாய நிலத்தல் வீடு கட்டினாலும்...Industries Flocking
கழிவுகளை கொட்டினாலும்...Cancer Village, Dumping
அரசாங்கமே சாராயத்தை விற்று மக்களை குடி மகன்களாக்கினாலும்...Liquor
தமிழ் மீனவனை சுட்டாலும்...
இனத்தையே அழித்தாலும்...Innocent Deaths
கோடி கோடியாய் ஊழல் செய்தாலும்...Food Adulteration
அரசியல்வாதிகள் என்ன சொன்னாலும்... என்ன செய்தாலும்..Selling Expired Drugs
தமிழ் நாட்டு மக்கள் சகித்து  கொண்டே இருப்போம்...
தமிழன் என்று சொன்னால் தலை குனிந்து நின்று விடுவோம் போல்....

What we can do and are doing:
Grow trees, Grow agricultural products with out contamination, Treat people equally and give opportunities, make sustainable awareness, create environmental awareness, eradicate poverty, teach good things to the society whichever ways we can.
See the big canopy trees (below picture). It serves as home to lots of birds and also aids in hydrological cycle. It helps in lots of ways including providing cooler shades while resting during hard farm work.

We are also rearing cattle to provide good milk.
We are taking action to do good things, hoping and praying it will grow to an enormous level. As we know, hard work is paying off. Wild peahens are feeling safe and laying eggs in our farm.

Our farm is becoming Natural Integrated Sustainable Agricultural Farm. We will grow along this and create awareness  to the greedy people who are accumulating money by destroying natural national wealth, that it is not the only way to make money. It can be made by natural ways also with full of happiness without destroying anything.