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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let us do something good, move forward and make good sustainable society

When you are jobless - You think you need a job.
Once you get a job - you need more money.
Once you get more money - you need more.
It never stops even when you get more than billions (At least for some politicians).
If rich people put few percentage of their money on the education of very poor children all over the Globe, Our World would be better place. Wars can be read only in history books. Once educated they should be properly channelized to do anything they are interested which would do good to the society.
At EnviroApps we are doing something in this regards.
We give one on one training on what we know to others and get them jobs. We teach people about Environment, Information Technology, how to lead good life and help others. It is more like teaching how to fish instead of giving a fish to eat. So whoever reads this do something good and teach whatever good things you know and whatever good things you are expert to others who are in need. That way a good society can be made. Sometimes when you venture to do good, you will face hurdles from selfish greedy cunning cheaters who put in nice face. Just ignore those creatures and move forward.
We also have a vision now and have formed a team to execute that. We are praying to God to show us the way and make it success.

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