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Friday, January 28, 2011

Oil Drills and Wells - Should not spill oils in the Gulfs

Oil Spills are always major environmental disasters - As we witnessed recently in Gulf of mexico. As a Marine Estaurine Environmental Research Scientist, I am always fascinated by each and every part of the Marine ecosystems and how they are interconnected for the balance of the whole earth.

Now we started to dig more and more new wells in new areas of the oceans -
Recently 3 wells in - GULF OF MANNAR.
It is already a fragile environment with more than 3000 species of fauna and flora :
Environmental Impacts

The people (companies) who are drilling should take caution and do the necessary safety measures, so that Gulf of Mexico kind of spills do not occur in Gulf of Mannar. Apart from that all we can do now is Pray that Environmental disasters such as Gulf of Mexico oil spills do not happen again.