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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dr. Abdul Kalam - What can I give?

In one of my ealrlier blogs I wrote:

Praying to God to bring more people into the World such as Mahatma Gandhiji, Mother Terasa, Dr. Martin Luther King and Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Adbul Kalam in person at Casselberry Hindu temple auditorium near Orlando, FL.

He gave an excellent speech and I thank God for letting me to see such a person. He wanted each and every person to always think ...what can I give. He said even if you cannot help monetarily, you can help by teaching or doing any voluntary work, wherever you live.

Our EnviroApps Sustainable Land Development Project will be done following his words.

Again praying to God - One day there should be a peaceful world as Dr. Kalam envisioned. People living in harmony, creating a sustainable future without any selfishness must be the future, I Pray.

Please give and do Good....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Toxic Dry Walls, Lead Toys, Contaminated Tooth Paste, Defective tires... Long list

Drywalls - smells like sulfur(rotten eggs) and it tarnishes metals and ruins appliances and electronics by corroding pipes and wires - newly added to the long lists of
Contaminated toothpaste, lead-tainted toys and defective tires.
Children are growing in these toxic environments rather than healthy environment.

People (Manufacturers) - Please atleast try to do Good future generations can live in a proper environment.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speaking for all...

Good Speech:

Hopefully after watching this video, each and every one of us should atleast do something good for the future.