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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boosting Rice Cultivation in Tamil Nadu, India

Email from worldbank on 06/17/2008:

India ’s agricultural growth has been stagnant at less than 2 percent since the 1990s, well below the growth rates of other sectors. Any significant growth in agriculture in India depends on increasing the efficiency and productive use of water. India is a water stressed country, 45 percent of all available water is utilized for agriculture. Among this 80% is used for Rice cultivation alone.

The World Bank is assisting the southern state of Tamil Nadu to improve irrigation service delivery and productivity of irrigated agriculture. Some farmers in the State are using a technique that requires less water and fewer seeds but grows more rice. It is a new way of cultivating rice, and it is raising hopes that the rice yield will increase without draining the country of scarce water resources.
India - A new way of Cultivating Rice

Water Management must be done properly before water scarcity comes into play. I have seen huge amount of rainfall destroying the Rice fields, esp, in Tanjore Delta. The fields should have proper drainage system and government should fund such systems along with world bank and should be properly maintained. The link 'A Small Drop' to Siruthuli and its Gallery shows how excess water can be saved and stored.

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